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Monday, January 9, 2012

San Francisco

San Fran
To celebrate Randy's 45th birthday we took a trip to San Francisco. Neither Randy nor I had spent any real time in San Fran so we thought it was time to conquer the city-Toovey style.

Our first day we stopped at Fisherman's Wharf and took a tour of the Pampanito submarine. We also checked out the arcade/museum closeby and ate dinner at Boudin. Yum.

Our next day we hit Golden Gate National Recreation Area and did some exploring of the Prisidio and airfield. We walked across Golden Gate bridge partway, then headed to Chinatown. We each bought our own pair of chopsticks in one of the stores and took them with us to a recommended chinese restaurant and ate with them. Some of my family members ended up using a fork but I won't embarrass them my mentioning their name...then we shopped around Union Square before heading "home".

I loved the light here...I could have taken pictures here ALL day...

Ellie was such a trooper walking all around the city, up and down hills, and up hundreds of stairs...but once she reached her limit-that was it.
So Randy and I did a lot of carrying...

Heights REALLY freak me out, especially when the kids are near them. Luckily I believe in conquering my fears...so out we go...

On Randy's birthday we took a cruise to Alcatraz, took the STAIRS to Coit tower on Telegraph Hill, Rode cable cars, and ate ice cream at Ghiradelli Square. I hope he liked his birthday. :)

This is another spot with awesome light...

A sort of feeding frenzy started after this picture was taken.
You do NOT want to get in the way of a boy and his ice cream!

Our last day we hit the San Francisco Mission (we are trying to make it to all of them eventually)
and Golden Gate Park where we took a little stroll.

San Francisco was good to us.

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