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Monday, August 29, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

Ellianah is such a beautiful blessing in our lives.
We all love her girly personality and imagination.

I have been wanting to take some pictures of her in my wedding dress ever since a friend of mine Kimberly Moore gave me the idea some months ago. She is an amazing photographer and has been capturing pics of little girls in their mommies dresses for a while now. What a sweet idea!

So here is Ellie in my wedding dress....

What a special gift she is.

Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver, Oregon
August 2011

This is our dear friend Hilda...we met her and her extended family up in Sunriver for a week of fun and relaxation...

Lava Cave

Sunriver has miles and miles of bikes trails...

Right after this picture was taken Patrick was terrorized by a cute little chipmunk and scared the bleep out of him...it was really pretty funny!

Mini Golf at the village

Ice Cream at Goody's

Spa time..

A bridge on a pit stop in the city of Sisters

Our hike to the headwaters of the Metolius River..

More of those terrorizing chipmunks...needless to say, Patrick was the only one who did NOT hand feed them.

Camp Sherman Fish Hatchery

Christian found a snake

Sunriver Mall

My sweet kiddos...don't they look so quiet and peaceful?

The Lovebirds

Thanks for all the fun, Sunriver....hope to see you again someday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shaver Lake on a Boat (and off)

Shaver Lake July 2011

We have some close friends with a cabin at Shaver Lake and they are gracious enough to invite us up to spend the weekend with them every now and again...and we always have such an amazing time. This particular trip we decided to rent a boat and explore the lake. What FUN!

Thanks for the great weekend, West Family!

Sierra City Camping

Sierra City Camping
June 2011

Nicholas is modeling our new snuggie for the trailer...we bought it as a gag gift but the boys loved it!

Sierra City had the cutest restaurant right in their downtown...it had a little stream that ran right through it!

I LOVED this old building in downtown...we got some cute pictures there!

Patrick found a good hiding spot.


Our young man

We played cards almost every night, and entertained some of the older guests by playing 3 flly's up.

Patrick seems to be doing pretty good...

At one of the nearby lakes Christian found quite a few snakes!

Even though it was hot-and JUNE...there was a LOT of snow and even a frozen lake. It was pretty cool!

We had a great adventurous time in Sierra City.