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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hawaii 5/0 Party

I had so much fun planning the 6th Grade Graduation PArty at my church!
The room for the 6th graders is called the 5/0 room and is decorated in a beach theme, so I went with that for the party as well!

I loved this idea for labeling drinks. I bought some colorful foam flowers at the craft store then punched holes in the top and bottom and threaded a straw through them...then the kids could grab a straw and write their name on the foam flower. I had the drinks already poured in cups and I labeeled the rows so they could easily get refreshment.

The snack bar had fun snacks already portioned out in snack cups and boats, ready for the pickin!

My dear friend Heidi.

We set up tables to eat at on one side of the room (and ordered pizza for dinner), then had the smaller tables on the other side for board games.

Probably the biggest hit of the night was this photo booth! Using my laptop computer and software I downloaded I created a photo booth, complete with a series of pictures to take home! All the kids had to do was hit the space bar and the software used my laptops camera to take a series of pictures and then print it out on my portable photo printer for the kids to take home. I set it up in a corner to take advantage of the decor there, then used fabric to enclose the sides for a more intimate feel. I found various 'beachy" props the kids could use and let them loose!

The kids spent the rest of the evening playing board games and hanging out.
It was a big success and a lot of fun!

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