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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Roudup!

Patrick wated a cowboy party for his 7th birthday....I happily complied.

Whenn guests arrived we geared them up with hats, bandanas and name tag sheriff badges we got from Oriental Trading Company.

There's a new sheriff in town...

These are the "loot" bags that each child got at the end of the evening. They had a squirt gun, brand tatoos, a deck of playig cards, a horseshoe magnet, western silly bands and a bag of 'gold' gum. I found this great twine to tie the badanas with that looked like barbed wire...super cute!

I did something a little different for the cake this year. I made Patrick a small individual cake and then made up these cake jars for our guests. I had four different flavors to choose from and two different sizes of mason jars. They were very easy to make and eliminated the time I would normally spend cutting and distributing the cake during the party, leaving more time for me to just enjoy it! A bonus was that guests who didn't have room in their tummy could easily take them home.

For our drinks we had "cactus juice", root beer in bottles and water.

I found various country fabrics that I used to decorate, and a western background that I got at the party store...I also used that for the backdrop for our photobooth! We had hot dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, chips, and watermelon triangles for dinner.

We purchased an outfit for the birthday complete with a belt buckle! He looked soooo cute!

As you ca see, our guests got into the fun, too!

Randy made an old fashioned shooting booth for us and it was perfect! The kids used dart guns to shoot at targets...

Of course the men had to try it out, too! But they used an airsoft gun instead of the kids dart guns...

Next stop-ROPING!
We used a real lariat and let the kids try their hand at lassoing a stick horse stuck in a bale of hay...they actually did really good! Most kids were eventually able to do it!!!

Ellie was more interested in riding than roping.

Love these beautiful girls...

This is the little cake I made for Patrick...he really loved having his VERY OWN cake!

And here is a sample of some of the fun that was had in the photo booth...

After it got dark we built a fire in the firepit and made smores and roasted marshmallows. It was a great time.
I love parties, I love friends, and I LOVE my family....

Cherry Picking

We went out to mountain Brook Ranch for cherry picking Memorial Day Weekend.
It was so much fun!

We actually just discovered this ranch last year and Randy and I went out there on a date and had such a great time. We couldn't wait to take the kids this year, so when we found out it was openig this weekend, we couldn't wait!

We met some friends out there...here are Heidi Weimer and Sherri Hunter before our adventure began. The weather was ice...warm, but not hot.

His bucket gets MUCH fuller before our day is done. They ask you to supervise your children and I think it's as much for you as them. Patrick wandered around with Noah and ended up with a FULL bucket. We ended up with 11 pounds of cherries for our family alone.

Part of the fun is tasting them along the way, finding your favorite tree and then loading up!

Ellianah was covered in cherry juice by the end!


I don't know what it is about this place I love so much, but it was SO FUN!
I highly recommend it, if you haven't been, they are only open 1 or 2 more weekends...Don't miss out!

Love them!

Yummy goodness.

Hawaii 5/0 Party

I had so much fun planning the 6th Grade Graduation PArty at my church!
The room for the 6th graders is called the 5/0 room and is decorated in a beach theme, so I went with that for the party as well!

I loved this idea for labeling drinks. I bought some colorful foam flowers at the craft store then punched holes in the top and bottom and threaded a straw through them...then the kids could grab a straw and write their name on the foam flower. I had the drinks already poured in cups and I labeeled the rows so they could easily get refreshment.

The snack bar had fun snacks already portioned out in snack cups and boats, ready for the pickin!

My dear friend Heidi.

We set up tables to eat at on one side of the room (and ordered pizza for dinner), then had the smaller tables on the other side for board games.

Probably the biggest hit of the night was this photo booth! Using my laptop computer and software I downloaded I created a photo booth, complete with a series of pictures to take home! All the kids had to do was hit the space bar and the software used my laptops camera to take a series of pictures and then print it out on my portable photo printer for the kids to take home. I set it up in a corner to take advantage of the decor there, then used fabric to enclose the sides for a more intimate feel. I found various 'beachy" props the kids could use and let them loose!

The kids spent the rest of the evening playing board games and hanging out.
It was a big success and a lot of fun!

Batter Up!

Baseball season has wrapped for us, but here are a few pictures...

It is obviously way more fun to wear your glove as a hat at this age then to actually use it on the field...
but he did use it and had some pretty good plays! It's always fun to watch the younger kids as they are learning the game, picking flowers and generally daydreaming.

Nicholas did great and had a blast all season. He got to play on the older age group team on his brothers team some days when they were short players and was right at home there. He was a great team member for his own team, too and some really great plays and some home runs, too! He is a sports guy through ad through!

Christian was once again the pitcher for his team and did pretty good! They had a good season and his coach was great!

Ellie cuteness...

Ellianah loves to dance!
 I can't wait until she is old enough to take lessons...but I couldn't wait until then to buy her a ballet dress. She loved it, she wore it nonstop, and in the end I had to peel it off of her body to wash it.