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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not Spoiled, Just Well Taken Care Of...okay maybe a little spoiled!

Maui 2011

This was taken at Momma's Fish House
Someone told us about this restaurant and let me tell you- it was incredible! We both got the special- crab stuffed salmon-yum! But it was the location that really made it worth the money...these pics were taken at Momma's private beach.

This is on the windward side of the island, so the ocean was much more violent then the side we stayed on and consequently more interesting to watch.

 Iao Valley
We saw more of the island on this trip then we had on our previous trips combined! And this was a new spot we had heard of, but had never been to that we decided to check out. It was both beautiful and historic...a famous battle took place in this valley (Iao Valley)with casualties so great that the bodies dammed up the river that flows through it.

This tree was so beautiful and interesting...we asked the ranger what type it was, but he didn't know...

 Maui ATV

Randy was completely in his element kicking up dirt on our ATV tour

We had these vehicles this year instead of traditional quads, it was just as fun to be a passenger as it was to be a driver!

ANOTHER scenic valley...

Now THIS is different! Our ATV tour included a stop at this pond-complete with waterslides! We were up at a high elevation by this point and we also had a great view of the towns and cities below and the ocean!

We decided to eat in one night and ordered room service (which they set up on our lanai)...it was right at sunset and perfect!

Another road trip...we drove to La Parouse Bay where the first non samoan set foot on Maui...
this part of the island was old lava flow and not very kind on the feet!


For most of our zips we had to first ascend a rope bridge to get to the platform.

Here I am after the first zip...alive and ready for more!

I had sooooo much fun ziplining!

This was our grand finale...this line is the longest in Maui at around 1/2 mile and takes a full 60 seconds to zip across. It was our favorite and gave us the most time to just look around and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Week Two- With the family!

I sure did miss her while we were gone!

Getting ready to hit the beach!

We snorkeled, sun bathed, played in the waves, read, and relaxed at this beach. It was called Kapalua Beach and was my favorite to snorkel at!

It got pretty packed at this beach, but due to the time change we were up early and got one of the only shady spots- SCORE!

Ellie liked to be either all the way in the water, or all the way out of the water...not right where the water was breaking!

This spot we just stumbled on while we were on our way somewhere else...a trail led to a bay that supposedly has some of the best snorkeling on the island....maybe next time we can find out!

One thing we know for sure...they had TONS of frogs there!

Lahaina Banyan Tree
All the kids (and I mean All the kids in Maui-not just all my kids) had a blast climbing around on this historic old tree right in the middle of town!

We made a stop at this National Park to check out the black sand beaches but our favorite part was this sea cave!

The black sand beach was beautiful!

How sweet is this? Nicholas escorted Ellie the whole way down to the Oheo Gulch which was formerly known as the Seven Sacred Pools.

Here is Ellie enjoying the pools! You can see a waterfall in the background. We didn't do the big hike up to the big waterfall...:( Maybe next time!

That is Nicholas climbing up in front of the falls, giving me a heart attack!

Ellianah found a beautiful tropical flower to smell...and ended up with pollen all over her nose! Good thing she doesn't have allergies!

Here is Ellie with her new doll "HULA"

The scenery was of course, breathtaking...the boys and my mom had never been to a luau before!

They loved getting non alcoholic tropical drinks...as many as they wanted...they tried several and had a lot of fun ordering!

This is my favorite picture of our whole vacation! At the luau they had an artisan who would make things for the keikei's (kids)...he made Patrick a grasshopper...I am forever indebted to him for getting this adorable pic of my sweet Patrick!

Ziplining-Take Two

We had so much zipling we decided to take my mom and the older boys back so they could experience it, too! Randy didn't think Christian would go through with it but he ROCKED it! And my mom did awesome!

Don't let her fool you, she wasn't nervous at all! I am so proud of her!

Here they are! Look mom, no hands!!!

They all made it back safely...and had a great time!