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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunny Santa Barbara

We got out of the dreary fog and rain the first week of January to celebrate Randy's birthday. Randy didn't care where we went, so it was all up to me. I decided on Santa Barbara because I had never been there. I loved it (and so did he)! The city was beautiful and the architecture stunning. We loved all the history there. It was a great way to celebrate Randy's big day. I love sharing a "first" with him....:)

In front of the Courthouse Clock Tower 

Here we are UP in the tower...unbelievable views...and heights...ugh. I freaked out a little.

The birthday boy with his daughter

This phone booth inside the courthouse was so cool!

Patrick and Ellie on one of the many staircases

I love all the texture the scenery provided for my pictures

Parts of the courthouse were completely open to the outside- no windows!

The Law Library inside the Courthouse was be-a-u-tiful!

Nicholas  :)

The grounds outside the courthouse were expansive. The kids played in sunken gardens for quite sometime before we continued on our historic walking tour.

Here the kids are at The Presidio. We bought Ellianah a purple paper flower...she loves purple.

Patrick loved the "pizza oven" he found in the back yard

This is outside of the local museum we stopped into. They had some really cool artifacts, paintings, historic clothing, etc. And admission is donation only.

Patrick stopped me in the middle of town when he saw this fountain...he wanted me to take picture after picture of him falling off the dolphin. That kid cracks me up sometimes...

However, when it came to Benjamin Franklin he was very standoffish and didn't want to sit in his lap like I asked him to.

The Santa Barbara Mission...they call it the Queen of all the missions

Ellianah was such a trooper.

And what a cutie...

This is in the graveyard section of the mission.

The front of the mission was partially destroyed twice by earthquake and then restored.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

This was a pretty big Botanic Garden up the hills of Santa Barbara. The scenery was beautiful and it was big enough that you felt like you were hiking in some sections. Part of the garden incorporates the old water aqueducts used for the mission.

She walked the entire time with nary a complaint.




Peek a boo!

There were many trails that went through the garden...Christian kept us pretty much on track.

Nick found a tiny frog

Okay...so this is toward the end of our second day and you can see that Ellie is completely losing it...

So it's just the boys now...

This is what happens when I'm done taking pictures...
pure chaos.

We loved Santa Barbara.
We love the memories we made there.

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  1. Great pictures! I loved your previous post with your 2010 favs too! Beautiful family =)