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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black & White Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I took my pictures myself this year for our Christmas cards...I decided to go black and white after I found a design I really liked on Shutterfly..they have some really beautiful layouts this year!
I took pics, edited, designed my card and oredered all in the same day! Yay for me...

Here are some of our pics...

Christian's Fall Harvest Birthday Party

For Christian's 14th Birthday we threw a
"Fall Harvest"

We held the party out at Woodward Park and served hot chili and corn bread for dinner. The decorations were easy to find and a lot of it was on sale because his birthday falls after Halloween!

We played traditional games like bobbing for apples....here is the birthday boy about to take his turn.

Everyone dressed in plaid (they got an extra raffle ticket if they did!)

Patrick is poised and ready to pounce!

I made a banner out of fall designed scrapbook paper...and we tied scarecrows to the columns...all the tables had fall vinyl tablecloths on them which were a breeze to clean. I filled mason jars with orange, yellow and maroon flowers and some had tea lights.

Three legged race!

A pumpkin rolling race where they had to use their HEADS to roll the pumpkins (Randy's idea)...the kids said it HURT!!!

Lindsay is admiring her raffle tickets...instead of prizes for the winner of each game, we handed out raffle tickets and at the end of the night raffled off about a dozen prizes ranging from dollor section toys and bubbles to family games. The parents got raffle tickets, too! This was a big hit and everyone got really into it...as party favors I sent each family  home with a glass jar of pure maple syrup with a thank  you note tied to it...

Wheelbarrow races...

This was our sunflower seed spitting contest...Kiera did a great job!

We also had a pie eating contest...no hands!

Christian got a lot of fun gag gifts along with his real presents...he had a great time...and so did I!

A special thanks go out to Casey...he was our game director and did such an awesome job! It really allowed Randy and I to enjoy our day and let every moment sink in...Thanks, Casey! Same time next year?