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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mendocino Coast...all the other days

So here are the rest of our Mendocino Coast pics...we some internet problems at the Inn, so I needed to wait until we got home to upload.

We loved these flowers...they were called fuschia, and the hummingbirds LOVED them. We hiked down a little canyon filled with these and about 30 hummingbirds feeding on them.

The trail led down to the beach where Randy scored MAJOR points carving our initials into a big log.

It was amazing how much more active we could be WITHOUT kids. No complaining or carrying, we hiked, kayaked and walked all over!

The coast was rocky and interesting and the weather was soooo perfect. It was a nice change to break out the jeans, jackets and sweaters for a week.

More points earned on Randy's part...:)

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

This is how breakfast came each morning...three courses- egg, breakfast bread of some sort, and a fruit and/or yogurt...plus fresh squeezed organic orange juice and a "hot" drink...

The Medocino Coast Botanical Gardens were sooo beautiful! Acres of flowers, trees and plants extending all the way to the ocean...

The Dahlias were in bloom

This is the heather garden...breathtaking!

We took a ride on the skunk train, very touristy...and very fun. The ride was very scenic.

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. This beach use to be a garbage dump...and though they have cleaned up the big stuff, this tumbled glass has survived and covered the entire beach. It is perfectly smooth and absolutely beautiful.

Kayaking on "Big River"

Our cruise started out foggy, but as we got farther inland the sun came out and it heated up...

We almost capsized taking this picture....

Randy in the Pygmy forest where these small trees are actually hundreds of years old. Their growth is stunted by poor soil and water conditions.

Okay...this may not look like it, but it actually a terrifying experience!

One of the features of Glendeven Inn was their llamas...Randy tried to make friends but didn't get any takers.

Glendeven was great! Mendocino was beautiful...
but the best part was time...
time with Randy,
just he and I,
all alone...

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