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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My wish is your command.....

It's Mother's Day...the day when WHATEVER I want, I get...right?  Well, not really because my children still managed to find something to argue about...but ANYWAY...I kinda get what I want. So when they asked me what I wanted to do I told them we were going for a surprise photo shoot! Oh , the joy on their faces (being sarcastic)! After the blossom trail photo shoot that I NEVER hear the end of, they were kinda worried...In fact, the first thing Patrick asked is "Are we going to the blossom trail?"...
Ellianah was REALLY not cooperating...I guess she missed the memo where mommy gets WHATEVER she wants on Mother's Day. This is only pic I got of her looking at the camera.




At this point they were very concerned about these "RED" bugs at their feet that they were sure were ticks because "We squished one and it squirted blood."...UGH! I informed them that if they squished me, I would squirt blood, too...but I am NOT a tick...that seemed to calm them a little...BOYS!

We took these pictures at the Academy Cemetery...the oldest tombstone we found was from 1867...pretty cool...

They thought it was a little strange to take pictures there...

And here is Randy....ahhhh, my breath of fresh air...he DID get the memo about Mother's Day being all about Mom...and he made it a great day...thanks, honey! I love you!
And thank you boys...you were very cooperative! XOXO

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