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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Grand Finale...

The end is near....of the school year that is. Which means anything that's anything HAS to have a grand finale. And even as a homeschooler, it makes life VERY busy...but also very enjoyable. I was really proud of my boys this year. For the first time ever I had a son in THREE different choirs at Peoples School of Creative Arts Homeschool Choir. Christian was actually ENJOYING (don't tell him I said so!) his time in Youth Choir this year, Nicholas was in the Children's Choir and Patrick had his first year ever in the Beginner's Choir. This picture is of Christian (left) and his friend Mark.

Nicholas was also in the childrens choir at our church, Joyful Noise Choir. This year for the first time he had a solo! He was sooooo excited! He also had a speaking part. It was so fun to watch him...

Here is Patrick in his best for his Beginner Choir performance.

Nick is in this picture...he and the boy to his right in the photo were the only two moving back and forth in rythm while they sang...it had the audience laughing. Please notice how loose his necktie is!

This picture is of Christian and I at his Jr. High Promotion Prayer Dinner. It is hard to believe I will soon have a high schooler....

As hectic as it is at the time, I am so thankful to watch my children conquer one hurdle after another in life and be able to share ceremony with them that celebrates their achievements! I love you boys!

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