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Monday, April 19, 2010

Camping Adventures...

We had a great weekend camping at the KOA in Santa Margarita Lake. It was set in rolling green hills with huge old oak trees. The kids broke into teams and played "man hunter", we saw all kinds of wildlife, had a close encounter with a skunk (2x), Randy set his face on fire with a marshmallow, and I spent the whole weekend taking pictures with my new lens! Here are a few of my favorites!
Love this one of ellie on the swing...she would giggle every time it tickled her stomach.

Love the bokeh (blurry background) I can get with my new lens...I went a little bokeh crazy this weekend...none of my shots has any focus in the background!

Nicholas got his butt kicked a tetherball, Christian was NOT kind. But Nicholas had some sense of satisfaction when I played Christian...and was NOT kind!

Love this shot of Randy...

Patrick. :)

Ellie started saying "bubbles" this weekend. She would bring every bottle of bubbles she could find to us and say "bu-bbles"....sooooooo cute!

I took this at the top one of the hills at the campground. Santa Margarita Lake is barely visible in the background....if I had toned down the bokeh a little on this shot, you would have actually seen it. But like I said, I was bokeh crazed!

The lake is much more visible in this shot....:)

This is Patrick with his friend Cyd...her and her family are our camping buddies.

A little shot to make you hungry...we tried smores with chocolate graham crackers this time. I didn't have any, but I heard they were pretty good.

And there you have it! I apologize that I did NOT get any pictures of Randy's flaming face, or the skunk who frequented our campsite knowing just like dogs do that if there are kids, there are crumbs!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Pictures

Easter 2010

Celebrating our saviors resurrection is always an awesome thing! We had a great day....