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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No more washing every cup I own every day....

I started doing this lately and it has made a huge difference for our family. My kids could never find their cup...they would find A cup that looked like theirs, but they weren't sure if it WAS theirs...so they would get a new one. The result was a dishwasher full of CUPS every night. I have tried a couple of different things over the years, but this one really seems to work! And it's CHEAP...I just used THICK rubber bands to write my kids names on. For little ones you could use a special picture...for my older ones I let them design their own. Now the kids know exactly which cup is theirs, even when they all look the same, the rubber band fits on all different sizes and shapes of cups, can transfer easily from one cup to the next, and if they lose it we just make another one. It also works great for the nursery at church, they always know which cup is Ellie's! And now I'm not washing a dozen cups a day!

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  1. This is brilliant!!! Stealing this idea for sure...