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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank you God for new days...

I love spring flowers. There is something about the promise of a new season, a new day that I not only love...but need. I had a terrible day yesterday, I was the worst version of myself. The worst wife, the worst mom, the worst friend...and even though I knew it-I could not pull myself out of it. The downward spiral continued ALL DAY. So today I took my family and set out on the Blossom Trail to find proof of a fresh start. Thank you, LORD for letting me find it...and feel it. Here are some pictures we took...enjoy!

Ellie had just about had it...it took much longer than I thought to find the "perfect" spot- I drove my family crazy, and Ellie was waaaaay past her naptime.

But not too tired to enjoy some sweet time with her Papa...what could be better than this.

The boys were all terrified of the bees...you could hear them buzzing all around you, we even had some land on us...you can see a small hint of the panic mixed with excitement in Nicholas' expression.

My sweet Patrick had some of the cutest pictures today...he got most photogenic...

Christian was ready to be home about an hour before this shot was taken....but he hung in there!

My sweet Ellie...

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