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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Rant...

I can't believe a whole decade has passed since I filled my bathtub with water and stockpiled food waiting for the chaos of the 01-01-00...and now it's 01-01-10...WOW! Time seemed to pass so much faster as you get older. Maybe it's just that I appreciate each moment a little more than the year before. I'm at that point where I just wish I could freeze time, freeze moments..those precious little things that happen so quickly and then are gone...sometimes forever(my memory isn't quite what it use to be). Which is why I decided to start blogging. My sincere hope is to be able to capture some of those precious memories...forever.

We made one such memory today...we decided to start off the year with a trip to the snow! I have spent the last week outfitting the entire family in all thier new sizes to ensure no one suffers from the dreaded "wet socks"...wet socks can ruin even the best planned trip to the snow. We left as early as we could muster and had a great time. Nicholas of coarse got injured when he decided to sled into a small ravine, but no blood...so he was off again to the top of the hill in no time! Ellianah just wasn't sure what to make of the snow...she liked it as long as she didn't have to actually touch it, or sit on it...One of the things that I really want to work on this year is improving my photography...as the chief picture taker of the family, I really want to capture some great moments. I have been actually learning how to use my camera (3 years after I got it) and it is amazing what you can learn if you actually read the manual! I got some great shots today...

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  1. Looks like you did a great job learning how to work your camera! But you have to admit having such great subjects can't hurt! Looks like you had a love of fun!